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Accessible Telecoms is a nationwide disability telecommunications information and referral service that aims to help you find the right mobile phone, tablet, accessory, or app for yourself or someone you know.

The service provides independent, up-to-date information about the accessible features available in products and equipment suitable for people with disability, and covers both mainstream and assistive telecommunication products.

It also includes information about where you can find training to learn to use your devices, a section about the National Relay Service and a range of useful information about disability access for telecommunications

How to access this service

Accessible Telecoms can be accessed across a range of platforms:

*Phone, text, webchat and fax services are all available anytime between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday to Friday (in all States and Territories).

How to use this service

When first visiting the Accessible Telecoms Home Page, you can select from four options: Devices, Telecom Training Services, National Relay Service and More Information.

a. Devices

If you select ‘Devices’, you will be taken to a web page that lets you search devices such as mobile phones, landlines, tablets, accessories and applications based on accessibility features. These features can be narrowed down to different access needs: cognitive, hearing, vision, speech and physical. In each of the access needs categories there is a list of features and their descriptions.

Tick all the features that are relevant to you and click on ‘Click Here to Search’ to see the results.

Click on any device that pops up on the results page in order to see a brief overview of the device, its accessibility features, links for further information and links of retailers that offer this device.

b. Telecom Training Services

If you are looking for information on training services that are available near you, select the ‘Telecom Training Services’ link on the Home Page. This takes you to a web page that asks you to filter the training services by type of device (e.g. mobile phone or accessories), by the accessibility issue that relates most to you (e.g. cognitive or physical), and then by the type of training that you prefer (e.g. group, individual, or online). Once you have ticked all relevant filters and selected ‘Click Here To Search’, a list of training services will appear alphabetically.

Selecting a trainings service will provide a brief overview of the organisation, the access needs it meets, the location of the organisation, the training type, and further information on the available training sessions, including price and links to further information.

c. National Relay Service (NRS)

Click on ‘National Relay Service’ to see resources on using the NRS to make and receive calls. This section does not require you to filter any information. Some of the NRS services available include Internet Relay, SMS Relay, Video Relay, web browser Captioned Relay, Speak and Listen users, and teletypewriter options.

Clicking on one of the resources will open a Word Document that provides an overview of the type of call offered by the NRS, how it works, the equipment required to make or receive the call, how much it costs, and links to further information.

d. More Information

Find different types of information that might be relevant to you, such as consumer information, funding options, hearing aid ratings, user stories, social media, and many more articles.

How to open downloaded word docx resources

Once you have entered your features and selected the device you are interested, you can download the DOCX file of each phone, tablet, accessory or app on to your personal computer or device. Once you select download, the word file should appear in a download panel at the top of your web browser. If it does not appear, go to your settings or menu section of the web browser and select Downloads. This should take you to a web page with all of your recent downloads and let you open the file.

You do not need to have Microsoft Office installed in your computer to open or view the downloadable word versions of each device; instead, you can use Doc Viewer Free to access those files.

Need more help?

For any further information on using the website or for assistance finding the right information for you please contact IDEAs below:

  • Phone: call IDEAS freecall on 1800 029 904 to speak to an information officer
  • Text: send a text message to 0458 296 602
  • Webchat: chat online at IDEAs
  • Fax: (02) 6947 3723


Information about this project

The Accessible Telecoms Project is being planned and executed by the Direction of Inclusion of the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN), and it is funded by a grant from the NDIA under its Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) program.

The service is delivered by IDEAS through their website and existing call centre.

The project has its own team, including a project manager, a project officer and two part-time project assistants. Additionally, an advisory committee of 8 members representing groups of different abilities helps providing the required guidance to keep the project on track and focused on its disability scope.

Which devices are on the website, and why?

The Accessible Telecoms web page is designed to include all available mobile and landline phones on the market for personal use. This does not include business or corporate phones. Devices are added and removed based on their availability in the Australian market and at verified Australian sellers.

Additionally, only accessories and apps that are directly related to accessing and improving telecommunications for people with disabilities are included. In other words, equipment and apps that help you send and receive calls and messages, engage in online communication, and interact with others.

Note: IP phones are currently not included in the scope of this project.

Why isn’t my device on the website

Some devices have been removed from the website if they are no longer sold in the Australian market. If your device is no longer available at any Australian sellers or network providers then it may not appear on the website.

However, the information of this website is being continually updated and added to. So if you want to know more about the features on your device, or think it should be included on the Accessible Telecoms website, please let us know by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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