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Directory Assistance

Telecommunication companies usually offer directory assistance services, which consist of an operator that is able to look for phone numbers of a person, business or government bodies and connect the call for you. In some cases, they are also able to provide other information such as email addresses and websites.

These services are not all free; make sure you know the costs involved in before using them.

Find below the list of directory assistance services from Optus, Telstra and Vodafone.

1.     Optus

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For operator assistance with national calls, dial the numbers below. These services are available 24/7. Charges apply as detailed in your Critical Information Summary.

If you are an Optus customer with a disability who needs assistance accessing directory services, *contact Optus to see if you are eligible for free operator-assisted calls.

a.     124YES (Mobile Phone)

Call or text 124YES (124937) and an operator will help you find publicly listed Australian phone numbers. They can also connect you through to the number or text it to your phone.

b.     1223 National Directory Assistance (Fixed Phone and Mobile Phone)

Call 1223 for assistance finding residential and business listings within Australia. Calls are answered by an automated speech recognition service.

*Contact Optus on:

Phone: 13 39 37
TTY: 1800 500 002

More information at Optus Directory Assistance Webpage

2.     Telstra

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Telstra offers a range of directory services to help their customers 24/7, by using services such as the White Pages®, and Yellow Pages®.

a.     1234

This is an operator assisted search service that connects you to a person, business or government body, and provides information ranging from numbers and email addresses to street directions, sports scores, movie times and other facts. You can call or text for the details you need.

b.     Call Connect on:  12456

An operator connects you to the business, person or government body you’re looking for and can provide other information such as a business’s website or email address. 

c.      Telstra Directory Assistance (DA) on: 1223

This service is handy if you know the name of a business or person and just need the number. Your call is answered by an automated speech recognition service and a through-connection service is available to eligible callers.

d.     International Directory Assistance (IDA) on: 1225

This service provides you with international numbers.  

e.     Disability Help Line (DAH) on: 12551

This specialised service assists Telstra customers with a disability or special requirement to access national directory information.

More information at:  Telstra Voice Services Webpage

3.     Vodafone:

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Vodafone has two directory assistance services.

a.     1223 – Directory Assistance

Call 1223 and the operator can either connect you to the number you wish to speak with or they can send the number to you via text message.

All calls to 1223 are $0.95 per minute with a $1.50 connection fee.

b.     123 – Ask Us Anything

Call 123 for our premium Ask Us Anything service. Along with standard directory assistance, 123 also offer street navigation, lotto numbers, sports scores, news, weather and movie times.

With our 123 street navigation service, we can give you directions and stay on the line until you reach your destination, or you can have the directions sent to you via text message.

All calls to 123 are $1.30 per minute with a $3.10 connection fee.

More information at Vodafone Directory Assistance Webpage


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