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Android 11 accessibility update significantly improves voice access control

Posted on 27 November 2020

The Centre for Accessibility Australia explores the improved Voice Access feature of  smartphones running on Android 11. This accessibility feature was introduced by Google several years ago and it allows you to control smartphones with just your voice. Check the full article here.


ANATAD compares Braille Input and Web Accessibility on Android vs iPhones

Posted on 03 September 2020

In the main segment of this podcast, the ANATAD team talked about and demonstrated braille input and web accessibility on the Android and iPhone platforms and when all was said and done, there was no doubt as to who the winner was. It really became apparent that one of the platforms really did need to do a lot of work to make this right sooner, rather than later. Check the podcast here.


Workplace Technology Solutions from the National Relay Service

Posted on 27 August 2020

The Department of Communications and the Arts have issued a new version of their Workplace Technology Solutions document, which aims to help you identify which type of technologies and apps might be useful in your workplace. Topics include how to download applications, captioning private phone calls and voice messages in the office, caption virtual Microsoft Teams meetings, caption conversations and private phones calls as well. You can download a PDF version of the document here.


Have you checked the ANATAD Podcast?

Posted on 20 August 2020

The ANATAD Podcast is here to bridge the gap for blind users of technology. The aim of ANATAD Podcast is to change people's perspective of Android usage by the blind and the visually impaired. ANATAD stands for Android News, Apps, Talk And Deals.

Check the podcast to find information on useful topics related to Android phones, all discussed from the perspective of blind and visually impaired technology users. Some of their most recent episodes include discussions on Braille input and web accessibility of Android vs iPhone, use of chat apps, email check, the most recent Andriod versions, reviews of the newest phones to hit the market and much more!

You can check all the Anatad Podcasts here