Use this section to search for phones, tablets, accessories, and apps.

There are two ways you can search.

Option 1: Use the keyword search if you know the name or brand of what you are looking for. If you enter more than one word, only the results with all the words will appear.

Option 2: Use the feature list to search step by step. Select the type of device that you are interested such as landline phone, mobile phones, tablets, accessories or apps.

Then select the access needs that are important to you so you can see the access features that are relevant to that type of accessibility need. Finally, select as many access features as you like.

Click on the search to see the results.

You can click “Search” at any time once you have chosen the type of device.

Device Types

  • Mobile
  • Landline - Standard
  • Tablet
  • Landline - Cordless
  • Accessories
  • Landline - TTY (Text Telephone)
  • Apps
  • Satellite Phones

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